Blueprint Software Systems Enables Enterprises to Migrate from Any RPA Tool to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we have expanded our RPA migration solution capabilities so that any company that is dissatisfied with their current RPA provider can quickly and inexpensively move to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.

Blueprint Software Systems, provider of one of the most powerful process automation design environments on the market, announced today that it has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft to offer an end-to-end migration solution that simplifies, reduces and accelerates migration. entire bot portfolio from one of the major RPA platforms in Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.

“Many organizations today are frustrated with their existing RPA vendor, but changing tools was seen as too difficult, too expensive, and too slow to implement,” said Dan Shimmerman, CEO of Blueprint. “Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we have expanded our RPA migration solution capabilities so that any company that is dissatisfied with their current RPA provider can quickly and inexpensively switch to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.”

As part of Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power Automate Desktop is an RPA authoring solution that extends the low-code automation capabilities for everyone in an organization. Power Automate Desktop is an inexpensive and easy-to-use RPA option that offers the ability to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem that most businesses are already using.

Blueprint offers a seamless migration process from any of the leading RPA tools to Power Automate Desktop and significantly enhances a company’s existing bot architecture regardless of the tool. Switching from a current RPA platform to Power Automate Desktop with Blueprint can cut costs by up to 80 percent and is three times faster than any other option currently on the market.

“Companies are constantly striving to improve their operations and provide better experiences for their customers. The combination of process intelligence and automation plays a crucial role in this, ”says Charles Lamanna, corporate vice president at Microsoft. “We are excited to partner with Blueprint to help companies get the most out of their digital workforce. By using Blueprint and Microsoft Power Automate, companies can follow their transformation agenda faster and realize the full potential of automation. “

These migration capabilities extend an existing relationship between Blueprint and Microsoft, allowing organizations using Power Automate Desktop to leverage Blueprint to realize its full potential. Power Automate Desktop enables programmers and non-programmers alike to automate processes and tasks in desktop and web applications, from simple data transfers between modern and legacy systems to more complex business processes. Without a blueprint, many of these process and workflow automations are designed manually.

The Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite eliminates the need for manual process documentation as users can create digital blueprints. These digital blueprints can then be seamlessly integrated into Power Automate Desktop, significantly improving the development time, quality and ongoing maintenance of the automated processes.

Digital blueprints can be used as an ongoing digital reference for all bots and catalog and centralize all automated processes in one place. Once in the Blueprint solution, automated processes can be further optimized. With each digital blueprint, bots can be connected to all relevant dependencies, systems and constraints, enabling better RPA change management and risk analysis to maximize RPA availability for higher returns.

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Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and a leading provider of digital process design and management solutions. Our award-winning cloud-based platform, the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite, integrates directly with the leading RPA platforms to provide a better way to design sustainable, high-quality RPA models and manage changes across the RPA lifecycle. By providing the visibility and control they need to move automation projects forward quickly and accurately, our customers can efficiently scale the volume and quality of their RPA initiatives and get a higher ROI from their automation programs.

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July 14, 2021