Blue Prism updates RPA platform, eyes expansion in Americas, US

Blue Prism has launched a new version of its robotic process automation (RPA) platform and announced plans to expand in America.

At its Blue Prism World conference, the London-based company unveiled Blue Prism Version 7 with a series of upgrades to make automation and digital bots easier to deploy.

Jason Kingdom, CEO of Blue Prism, said the company’s future will include a mix of human, digital employees and systems as work scales.

Blue Prism version 7 includes:

An architecture that digital workers can scale without adding complexity to the infrastructure via a redesigned control room.

  • An advanced API framework that enables digital employees to integrate with other systems. With Blue Prism Version 7, companies can program, manage and monitor digital processes.
  • Blue Prism’s control room is now browser-based and provides insight into digital workers from any device. Dashboards provide analysis of the performance of digital employees and possible problems.
  • Artificial intelligence accelerator and easier application and modeling. The idea is that scalable digital employees can scale as needed.

Separately, Blue Prism has appointed Patrick Finn as President and General Manager of Blue Prism Americas. Finn, who held leadership positions at IBM and Cisco Systems, joins Paula Goldstein, CFO and Head of Marketing at Chip Coyle to expand in the US


July 3, 2021