Automation Anywhere to deliver RPA seamlessly to customers worldwide with Microsoft Azure

Automation everywhere paves the way to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Automation Anywhere, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company, announces the integration of its products into the Microsoft Cloud. Bring seamlessly to customers worldwide with the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Companies worldwide can now access Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 from Azure. Make it easy to get started with RPA from anywhere, anytime. This will enable thousands of new users to improve business processes with intelligent automation.

The company’s RPA platform can be hosted on either Azure, on-premises, in a public or private cloud. The company helps to increase customer productivity, increase innovation and increase ROI.

“We’re excited that Automation Anywhere is leveraging the power of Azure AI to usher in the future of work. Lila Tretikov, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality, notes. Automation Anywhere’s approach is in line with ours, namely to incorporate data and intelligent automation into our product portfolio. ”

“More companies than ever before are seeing incredible benefits from their RPA implementations. This enables them to become more competitive and productive and to reduce costs. All of this by allowing employees to focus on what they do best. Be creative and innovative ”. More organizations will achieve these benefits faster in our expanded collaboration with Microsoft. Chief Corporate Development Officer, Automation Anywhere Peter Meechan, shares.

The customer benefits from the integration include:

  • Expanded Mutual Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings. With the combination of the IQ Bot from Automation Anywhere with Azure Cognitive Services. To intelligently digitize, extract and process unstructured data hidden in electronic documents.
  • Increase business user productivity by running and managing Automation Anywhere bots right in Microsoft Excel to improve the user experience.
  • Use software bots to automate complex business processes and provide deeply integrated functionality with Microsoft products, including Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, with a single click, making it easy to use
  • Accelerate time to value by using 150+ pre-built Microsoft bots from the Automation Anywhere Bot Store to complete automation projects faster.

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June 5, 2021