5 top tips when hiring freelance programmer in 2020

In recent years, the freelance culture has grown in popularity. There are several reasons for this on both the employer and employee side. For example, freelancers have the flexibility to work on their own terms and not have to worry about qualifications as freelancers work on a talent basis.

On the other hand, employers can avoid high fixed costs for permanent employees because freelancers work at moderate rates. The domain that benefits the most from freelance work is startups as they can get their jobs done quickly without any employee retention. However, hiring freelancers can be a task in itself. If you are looking for Hire freelance programmers, we have put together a simple guide here to help you.

Tip 1: know what to look for

Programming is a diverse field and you can find talent in any skill. The first thing to consider when hiring a freelance programmer is what skills you expect from your freelancers. For example, if you want to have a website for your business, you need to look for talent who are good at web development and related skills. The same goes for all other domains.

If you don’t know a lot about programming and have no idea what skills to look for, then there are two options.

  • Ask the experts: there must be people who have already got what you’re looking for. By accepting their recommendations, you can find the most suitable talent for your job.
  • Don’t overdo it: let people who know the domain do the work. Don’t enter any information or requirements that you don’t know.

Tip 2: look for recommendations

Once you know what you want, the next step is to look for it. Your best goal for a freelancer is referrals from your group of friends, family, or professionals. Ask them if they know of a great freelancer who will fit your needs. The advantage of this method is that it reduces the risk of hiring an unknown programmer. As your trusted source recommends the talent, your efforts will be decreased and you can trust the person more with their work.

Tip 3: test before hiring

If you can’t find referrals, the next step is to search for freelancers online. But as I said in the previous step, hiring a random freelance programmer can be risky because you are unsure of their job. Platforms like DevsData can be used to find the freelancers you need. However, to be sure of their skills and abilities, you can create a task that they must complete in order to be hired. The test should be short, but cover all the important aspects that you need to consider as a programmer. Some things you can incorporate into it are:

  • Simple questions about the type of work you need to do.
  • Time limit to check if they can work on time or not.
  • Hours of the day you need them to be available to you.
  • The right tools for every type of task you will need in the future.

Keeping all of these points in mind will help you find the most suitable freelance programmer.

Tip 4: pre-selection for a task

Your work will be more comfortable after creating a test task. However, when you give the job to every other freelancer, things get complicated for you. Also, it will take you more time to review the completed tests and then consider a talent. To avoid all of this hassle, the best thing to do is to shortlist the people first and then send them the tasks to do.

This selection can be based on factors such as ratings, a brief interview, skills, etc. Through these you can choose the most suitable freelancers and then ask them to complete the assignment.

Tip 5: evaluate and negotiate

Freelancers provide you with an amount that they charge for one hour / day of working with you. As a rule, freelancers charge high fees for short-time work and keep their tariffs moderate for employers with fixed tasks. You can offer them regular work if you want lower prices. Or you can check their ability to work with a short-term position and then give them more stable and long-term tasks. If you think the price is high, you can negotiate with them for a moderate amount.

With these five tips you can get the best talent for your freelance work at the best possible price. However, you should remember to respect the freelancers just like your permanent employees and mentor them if necessary. Only then can you grow from your valuable work.

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June 29, 2021