20 Popular Robotic Process Automation Tools (RPA) In 2020

  • Redwood software

    It offers two types of automation software. The first tool takes care of financial automation, which enables companies to automate tasks like asset accounting, invoicing and payments, cash collection, and so on. The second tool takes care of workload automation, which helps automate tasks across different platforms. This includes cloud, on-premises and hybrid situations.

    This provides a highly scalable tool with little effort.

  • Nintex

    It’s a workflow automation tool that offers an exceptionally easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It helps in creating simple workflows to avoid mistakes, wasted time and misunderstandings. The tool works in various applications like Excel, developer apps, emails, etc.


  • Blue prism

    It is one of the market leaders in the RPA segment. It is mainly preferred by medium and large companies. It enables the creation of simple workflows that can adapt to different platforms and applications. The tool also provides great security for network and software credentials.


  • Visual cron

    It helps companies automate their task scheduling and integration. It has capabilities to extract and organize data into meaningful files, running processes, etc. However, it must be noted that the tool only works on Windows.


  • Kofax

    It is a cloud-based RPA tool that enables integration from various sources such as websites, desktop applications and portals. It also offers a code free environment for users, which makes it very easy to use.


  • NICE systems

    is an employee-centric RPA tool that provides assistance to the backend, finance and HR departments. It can be provided both locally and via the cloud. The tool also offers advanced analysis. Its capabilities include real-time workflow, document management, performance management, reports, and workforce intelligence.


  • let’s go

    It’s an RPA solution for customer service teams. It enables companies to measure ROI in real time, which enables higher productivity.


  • UiPath

    It offers all of the core functions required by an RPA tool. It offers high-end security with its encryption and credential management systems. It also adapts across different applications and systems.


  • Pega-RPA

    It works for business process automation. It only offers cloud-based integration. A great feature of the RPA tool is the AI-based X-ray healing which helps prevent system failure as applications and platforms change.


  • automatically

    It’s a code-free RPA with little technical support that allows organizations to automate various tasks. The tool uses AI, ML and OCR to tailor the tool to the specific needs of the company for better predictions.

  • Win automation

    It is the most powerful and intuitive platform for Windows automation that allows users to automate all desktop and web-based tasks with ease. Win Automation’s intelligent software robots can be taught to do any task with ease and empower companies to be more efficient through automation.


  • Automation everywhere

    It is an intuitive tool that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. It offers bank-grade security, which makes it valuable for medium and large businesses. The tool also provides real-time analytics and reports, which enable organizations to increase productivity and quickly make the changes they need.


  • Jacada

    It’s a customer service automation tool that uses a mix of AI and RPA to get great results. The tool can automate tasks such as call summaries, screen pop-ups and customer onboarding, among other things.


  • SAP Intelligent RPA

    It was formerly known as a contextor and is great for multi-channel workstation applications. It can be used both locally and via the cloud. The tool is able to automate the workflow, which is very user-friendly. It offers both attended and unattended automation.


  • WorkFusion

    It is an enterprise solution RPA tool that offers AI-based services. The tool is able to extract meanings from unstructured data sets and make intelligent decisions. It also gives meaningful insights into employees in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly way, both through people and bots. One of WorkFusion’s tools, called RPA Express, is available for free.


  • June 6, 2021