10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you will agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new customers and start a new freelance career. The freelance business is now in its booming phase. Still, gig workers who team up with customers face many challenges.

You can be a member of many paid websites that promise you customers, but with no actionable results. However, you can get a continuous stream of customers for free.

Read on to learn how to develop a strategy that blends apps, tools, and creativity to grow your customer base.

1. Recommendation from a customer or someone you know

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

Referrals from previous customers usually work better than alternative marketing tactics. It is quite common for companies to look for the best service provider among their competitors in order to avoid hectic bidding processes.

Hence, it is important that you ask your existing customers to refer you to other companies. Your best chance at finding customers is to look around among your friends.

This can also be your family members, mentors, former colleagues, managers in previous jobs, etc. Let them know that you are looking for recommendations.

2. Publish marketing blog content

Maintaining a blog site with a marketing goal is the most cost effective way to spread brand awareness among potential customers. You can start blogging websites like WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Hexo, etc. for free.

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When posting content, make sure the writing tone has a sales perspective. If you are a WordPress developer / designer, publish content that appeals to the target audience in order to recruit you. For example, write how responsive websites increase sales up to a certain percentage and that you are an expert at providing such websites.

3. Start guest posting on reputable websites

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

Many business owners, managers, and sole proprietorships subscribe to reputable online technology or business-oriented websites to keep up to date. Therefore, you need to send suggestions to such sites and see if you can publish your creatives to their platform.

This increases the visibility of your work for the people who have the hiring authority. Some of the best sites for guest posting are:

  • Answerout.com for freelance SEO appearances.

  • Content marketing institute for content authors.

  • HubSpot blog for general marketing.

  • AllBusiness.com for small company appearances.

  • Mashable for social media marketing gigs.

  • GetResponse blog for email marketers.

  • Slashdot for tech gigs.

  • Hongkiat for website designers and developers.

4. Maintain an updated and diverse portfolio

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

Create a digital portfolio in multiple formats such as website, video and PDF. You should also include a compelling cover letter and summary resume in your portfolio.

Once your portfolio is ready, you need to publish it on a searchable portfolio platform in order to attract clients. Based on your skills, you can try one of the following portfolio platforms to display your appearance:

  • Graphic artists’ guild

  • Coroflot

  • Hireillo

  • range

  • SolidGigs

  • Upwork

  • People per hour

  • Fiverr

5. Focus on LinkedIn networks

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

Managers and recruiters from medium to large companies prefer LinkedIn for hiring. Additionally, LinkedIn is often the first search result on Google and Bing searches by name or skill.

Upgrade your LinkedIn profile to look professional and stylish. It would help if you tried:

  • Put a link to your portfolio website or upload a video or PDF as a portfolio.

  • You should link your freelance brand’s website.

  • Add a professional looking profile photo.

  • Create a summary that shows your skills and achievements.

  • Keep the Skills and Experience section updated.

  • Add completed projects in the Work Samples section.

  • Add recommendations and competency recommendations to your LinkedIn profile.

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

You need to actively interact on many social media platforms to get potential customers’ attention. Social media is the best platform to publish your portfolio in the form of pictures, videos and document files.

You need to try one of the following social media platforms, depending on your freelance appearance:

  • Content writers and writers: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and APSense.
  • Graphic and motion designer: Behance, Dribbble, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Software developer: GitHub, Reddit, HackerNews, and Stack Overflow.
  • Freelance photographer: Photo review, Tumblr, Instagram, Behance, Vero and Steller.
  • UI / UX designer: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Figma communities.
  • Website designer and developer: Dribbble, Pixel Groovy, Pinterest, Designmoo and Behance.

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7. Start sending marketing emails and newsletters

Email or newsletter marketing is a very successful method that can grow your clientele. It’s very lucrative for both new and existing freelancers. The websites below are a great place to create engaging marketing emails. Some of these websites also allow you to send marketing emails for free.

  • Moosend for creating and editing email / newsletter templates.

  • Mailchimp for email templates, online CRM, newsletters and landing pages.

  • Sendinblue for email / newsletter templates, sending marketing emails, storing customer contacts, etc.

8. Improve and practice a sales pitch for your gig

You need to create an informative and compelling sales pitch to get customers. You need a separate sales pitch for in person and by email. You can find free sales pitches on the following websites:

9. Find telephone and text marketing opportunities

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

Calls and SMS are the most common ways to connect with prospects. You can use the same sales pitch you created earlier for cold calling and texting. For local customers, consider trying phone and text marketing.

You can get local customer details from many sources such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Yellow Pages Directory.

10. Present yourself as an expert

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

Businesses and freelance clients will always want to hire an expert. Hence, you need to position yourself as an expert on the project that the client is to hire you for. Here are the free ways to show that you are the expert everyone should hire:

  • Write an eBook and support it with interviews and public speaking. You can publish for free on sites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble Press, Apple eBook Store, Kobo Writing Life, etc.

  • Create free online courses on websites like Thinkific, LearnWorlds, Teachable, Podia, etc.

  • Create informative products to increase brand awareness. You can create infographics, videos, white papers, press releases, animations, etc. and publish them on supported platforms.

Evergreen ideas to win more customers as a freelancer

The customer acquisition strategy is a constantly changing process. However, just follow the simple steps above and make freelance marketing a regular chore. You should see more contracts coming your way than ever before. Also, don’t forget that your blog / website is your brand’s flagship.

 10 Tips You Can Use to Get More Clients as a Freelancer

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